before and after photo of curly hair that was previously thin and is now thicker

"I am writing to share with you my great happiness as a result of using your product. My hair has been thinning slowly but steadily for over 15 years because of medication. As someone who was known for the length and thickness of their hair, this has been a hard process. It has resulted in me keeping my hair cut low for the last 10 years. Your product really works!  I can't say enough about TAJ. HAIR GROWTH. My hair really looks nice. It is growing thicker and longer each day. I have seen significant growth within the last few months including my edges.  Your product has given me hope of one day having long thick hair again. 

Thank you so much!! People think I intentionally highlighted just the tips of my hair. I have to tell them it's my color grown out. Please keep making it!"


"Hallelujah, hallelujah, go TAJ. HAIR GROWTH!!!

One of the toughest things about going through a terminal illness is the toll it puts on your body, your emotions and losing your hair. So when I beat it, I was excited to get my life back. I eagerly wanted to feel like my old self again. The one thing that I really wanted was to grow my hair. I tried so many products but nothing would work. I was starting to believe that maybe it wouldn’t come back. Maybe my body was put through so much that it made it difficult to regrow hair so I gave up on it and started wearing my hair in certain ways that would cover the spots that were missing hair follicles.

Never did I ever think I would find something that would actually work! Especially my temples/edes. That can be the hardest part to grow back and definitely requires much patience. I thought I would never find anything that would stop my temple hair from falling but TAJ. HAIR GROWTH did the trick and in a short time too.

I’m so happy I get to look in the mirror and see long, beautiful har looking back at me.

Thank you so much for your creation…"


before and after photo of hair that was previously thin and is now thicker

"I am a man who wears natural hair and takes pride in my appearance. A few years ago I noticed the front section of my hair starting to break really badly which resulted in serious hair thinning. As fate would have it, I ran into a natural hair specialist who suggested I have my hair stylist stop utilizing a dread locking tool and start hand rolling the hair because the tool was causing my hair to break and thin. I quickly took her advice and noticed the breaking stopped, however my hair would not grow back and felt it was damaged for life. I tried all kinds of natural and unnatural remedies promising to restore and promote hair growth. My hair seemed to grow everywhere but the damaged area. A friend of mine informed me about a new breakthrough hair growth stimulant called TAJ. HAIR GROWTH.

I figured since I tried everything else WHY NOT try something else. I was able to get my hands on the TAJ. HAIR GROWTH product and followed the directions. I used TAJ. HAIR GROWTH for two months and took photos to track the progress or lack of. Within two months I went from absolutely NO hair hangtime to hangtime enough to dread lock my hair again and it hasn't stopped. Two Months and I tried for over two years with all kinds of other products. TAJ. HAIR GROWTH really lives up to its name. A crown is an adornment for an individual's head and there is no better crown than a person's hair. If you are experiencing hair loss in any capacity, you need TAJ. HAIR GROWTH! PERIOD!"


before and after photo of balding hair that was previously thin and is now thicker

"I have been experiencing what is commonly referred to as, male pattern baldness for over 20 plus years.  I simply accepted that this was just a part of life. After using TAJ. HAIR GROWTH, my hair is growing back in the areas of my head that I had no hair. I love when I rub my hands on my head and feel the little hairs growing in. It’s even changed some grey hairs back to black.  Instead of being on the hair growth journey of losing hair, I’m on the journey of it growing back. I must say, I like this much better. I’m still in shock, 20 years of no hair on my head and to now have some, I’m forever grateful. Thank you so much for this awesome product!"


before and after photo of hair that was previously thin and is now thicker

"Early March 2020 I started to notice a bald patch on the back of my head.  Although it wasn't life threatening I did become somewhat self conscious about having a quarter size patch of missing hair.  I soon realized that I was suffering from alopecia and was told that the only way to treat the alopecia was to seek medical attention or I may just have to live with this bald spot for the rest of my life.  For several months I tried different oils, creams, tonics, and so-called hair growth solutions but nothing seemed to work.  I didn't want to go to the doctor and start taking strong chemicals that would potentially fix one issue and cause a different issue.  Even if I wanted to go to the doctor it wasn't possible because this occurred during Covid and not many doctors were seeing patients unless the ailment was detrimental to your health. 

Eventually, I told myself that I just need to come to terms with the fact that I will have a bald patch on the back of my head. Fast forward to September 2020  I came across TAJ. HAIR GROWTH when I met the creator Taja V. Simpson. She stated she had an all-natural herbal product that helped her regrow her own hair and it may be able to help me. Taja told me how it helped her and many others who had lossed hair for various reasons. At this point it has been 7 months since I first got alopecia so I was willing to try TAJ. HAIR GROWTH to see if it would make a difference.  In October 2020 I began using TAJ. HAIR GROWTH 2x day in the morning and at night right before bed.  I would shake the solutions up real good and apply to my bald spot and then rub it in that area.  Within a month I noticed really small blond hairs beginning to grow on the bald patch.  Eventually those small hairs would get longer, thicker and darker to match the rest of my hair.  Seeing these results was super exciting for me. I’d found a solution that worked.!  I showed Taja the results and committed to using the product until all my hair grew back.  Well after I started using Crown in Early October 2020 my hair was fully regrown back by April 2021.  I am so grateful for TAJ. HAIR GROWTH 6 months later my hair is thicker, and more healthy than ever before.  Thanks Taja!!"


before and after photo of little girl's hair that was previously thin and is now thicker

"'What happened to your hair?' is the question I screamed when I looked at my 2 year old's buzz cut scalp.  After panicking and a brief investigation, I found that my 6 year old twins played ‘hair salon’ and cut my youngest daughter's hair from ear to ear.  The front half of her hair was uneven and patchy, measuring half a centimeter in some spots and only scalp in other spots.  Her hair was not long enough to braid, two-strand twist or secure in ponytail holders.  So I decided to even out her hair as best as I could.  My next step was to order nylon headbands in every color! For about two months, I tried products that I had at home and I bought two products that I thought would promote hair growth.  I didn't have noticeable results and the nylon headbands were tortured for a busy 2 year old in the summer.

I shared my experience with a close friend and she told me that I really should try TAJ. HAIR GROWTH. I was absolutely blown away with the results!  I've used many products in my  years and never experienced rapid and extremely noticeable results that TAJ. HAIR GROWTH produced! I applied TAJ. HAIR GROWTH on my daughter's hair 3 to 4 times a week and within 4 weeks, I was able to secure her hair in ponytail holders and put in two strand twists!!! I was able to section her hair and it would remain secured in ponytail holders for the entire day.  I noticed at least 1 inch of growth within the 5 week period.  Within a 10 week period, I began braiding the front of her hair and feeding it into ponytails.  I am extremely pleased with the hair growth after using TAJ. HAIR GROWTH,  and there are other aspects of TAJ. HAIR GROWTH that I love.  IT smells glorious! When I snuggle and smooch with my little one, her hair smells so sweet!  Also, TAJ. HAIR GROWTH blends very well with smoothing products that I use on my daughter's hair. I ordered additional bottles to use on my hair and my 3 daughters.  I fully recommend TAJ. HAIR GROWTH!"


before and after photo of curly hair that was previously thin and is now thicker

I am amazed at how TAJ. Hair Growth Stimulant made my hair fuller and denser after having it thin around the crown area. Not only is it effective but the natural tonic smells great on the scalp and hair! A must-have for not only those with need hair repair but also for hair maintenance for everyone!

picture of Taja V Simpson's hair growth stimulant tonic


picture of Taja V Simpson's hair growth stimulant oil


picture of Taja V Simpson's hair growth stimulant oil and tonic bundle


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